Our new single "Revolution" is out

Our new single, from what will be our fourth album, is out. The single is called ”Revolution”. ”Revolution” is produced by Åke Olofsson (singer and producer of Svenska Björnstammen).

New upcoming single "Revolution"

There's a new single on the way, from what will be our fourth album. The single is called "Revolution" and is being released friday February 9th. "Revolution" is produced by Åke Olofsson (singer and producer of Svenska Björnstammen).

Our new single The Love

This is 'The Love'. Our latest single. Let's spread the love.

Spotify: http://sptfy.com/the-love
iTunes: https://itun.es/se/my0Djb?i=1232553487
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/qkrt1i

Buda hem Marigold, Cape Lion & Vänner

Nu kan du buda hem Marigold, Cape Lion & vänner till sommarfesten, firmafesten, bröllopet eller kalaset. Till förmån för Musikhjälpen och barns rätt att gå i skolan så auktionerar vi ut en festival. Vi kommer till dig med vår portabla scen. In och buda, länk har du här>>



The new album "DEVENU NOIR" will be released everywhere November 11th. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Marigold in Swedish newspaper talking about the new project

Here you can read and watch Marigold talk about their latest project - a portable stage. The stage is planned to be used on a tour in the summer of 2017. More info to come! Article>>

Marigold at the Peace & Love festival

Marigold will be playing the Peace & Love festival this saturday. Athena is the venue and 23.30 is the time. See you there!

Marigold releases the album "Allt kommer bli bra"

Marigold will release their second full length album, "Allt kommer bli bra", on the 17th of April.

Video Premiere for "Can't Touch Me"

Today Marigold releases the video for "Can´t Touch Me" on Gaffa.se. The video is produced by Emil Nylander at Motions with assistance from Lisa Nylander. Watch it here: Video Premiere at Gaffa.se>>

Marigold releases "Can't Touch Me"

So we've been flying a little bit under the radar on this one, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad one tough - quite the opposite really. Listen here: iTunes>> Spotify>> Deezer>> Soundcloud>>