New single "Void" out May 3rd

New single "Void" from Marigold out May 3rd

Marigold merch is now available

Marigold merchandise is now available.
T-shirt’s and bags. Embrace your inner Marigold. Marigoldify yourselves people. Break free. Come, join the homo sapien afterparty.

Marigold Merchandise

A 2018 Random Pop-up Caravan Tour

A wish to create concerts in sceneries where concerts are usually not given led Marigold to create their own moving stage. The moving stage offers unique opportunities to meet large and small audiences in both traditional and more progressive venues such as at the top of a mountain, a unique spot at a music festival with no extra costs for the organizer, at a retirement home in a prone suburb, adjacent to an outdoor seating of a club or restaurant, at a railway station, at a campsite and so on. In its essentials it’s about sharing and experiencing culture outside the conventions of the live music industry. It’s about spontaneous pop-up-shows as well as connecting to traditional venues such as music festivals. It’s somewhat a circus or a traveling show, yet something strikingly refreshing and new.

The "Spiralen" video is here

The video for our new single "Spiralen" is here. Check it out, it's awesome!
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New single "Spiralen" is here

Spiralen, our new fantastic single is out. ”Spiralen” is Co-produced and co-written together with Åke Olofsson (singer and producer of Den Svenska Björnstammen).
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Our new single "Revolution" is out

Our new single, from what will be our fourth album, is out. The single is called ”Revolution”. ”Revolution” is produced by Åke Olofsson (singer and producer of Svenska Björnstammen).
Thank you Dalapop for your support!

New upcoming single "Revolution"

There's a new single on the way, from what will be our fourth album. The single is called "Revolution" and is being released friday February 9th. "Revolution" is produced by Åke Olofsson (singer and producer of Svenska Björnstammen).

Our new single The Love

This is 'The Love'. Our latest single. Let's spread the love.


Buda hem Marigold, Cape Lion & Vänner

Nu kan du buda hem Marigold, Cape Lion & vänner till sommarfesten, firmafesten, bröllopet eller kalaset. Till förmån för Musikhjälpen och barns rätt att gå i skolan så auktionerar vi ut en festival. Vi kommer till dig med vår portabla scen. In och buda, länk har du här>>



The new album "DEVENU NOIR" will be released everywhere November 11th. Keep your eyes and ears open!