22 april, 2016

      New single ”Kalahari” is out now

      Our new single ”Kalahari” was released today. Pick your platform and listen, then tell us what you think:


      7 april, 2016

      Where would you like to see Marigold this summer?

      Imagine that you could organize a concert anywhere in Scandinavia this summer. Where would that be? On a remote and scenic spot far from the nearest electrical outlet? On an industrial estate in a city that God forgot? On a mountain? On a beach? At your parents’ backyard? All we need is an unique idea and the possibility to park a large eco friendly truck which also carry a complete stage. The concert will not cost anything and anyone who can get to the location must be welcome. Take the opportunity, click on communicate and tell us where to play!

      Some kind of promotion video>>

      24 november, 2015

      Marigold signs booking deal in Norway

      Today Marigold signed a booking deal with Djambr Collective in Norway. Great news, and we’re looking forward to play in Norway.

      29 maj, 2015

      Allt kommer bli bra – Cape Lion Remix

      Today we give you the brilliant remix of ”Allt kommer bli bra”. Made by our super amazing friends Cape Lion. Listen here:


      17 april, 2015

      ALBUM RELEASE – ”Allt kommer bli bra”

      For almost four years, Marigold has been working to realize the sequel to their debut album “Vagabond”. Listen to ”Allt kommer bli bra” here:
      iTunes>> Spotify>> Deezer>> Soundcloud>>

      16 mars, 2015

      Marigold releases the album ”Allt kommer bli bra”

      Marigold will release their second full length album, ”Allt kommer bli bra”, on the 17th of April.

      4 februari, 2015

      Video Premiere for ”Can’t Touch Me”

      Today Marigold releases the video for ”Can´t Touch Me” on The video is produced by Emil Nylander at Motions with assistance from Lisa Nylander. Watch it here: Video Premiere at>>

      15 januari, 2015

      Marigold releases ”Can’t Touch Me”

      So we’ve been flying a little bit under the radar on this one, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad one tough – quite the opposite really. Listen here: iTunes>> Spotify>> Deezer>> Soundcloud>>

      16 december, 2014

      Raise for Musikhjälpen 2014

      The 11th of December Marigold handed a total of 3100 SEK to ”Musikhjälpen” and their efforts to stop the spread of HIV. All the money came from selling Marigold merchandise, live and from They also performed at a event at ”Kalmar Nation” where all of Uppsalas ”Nations” together raised money for ”Musikhjälpen”. And together they rasied over 230.000 SEK, that is amazing. A big thanks to all of you who participated in any way!

      7 december, 2014

      The beneficial Marigold shop

      We give you the beneficial Marigold wardrobe, the place where you can buy some Marigold merchandise and where all surplus goes straight to ”Musikhjälpen” and their efforts to stop the spread of HIV. Great huh? Check it out at>>

      17 november, 2014

      ”Allt kommer bli bra” featured on ”P3 DigiListan”

      This week you´ll find ”Allt kommer bli bra” at place 39 on the Swedish music chart ”P3 DigiListan”. A chart based on the most purchased songs the past week. That’s out of this world. Thank you so much!

      6 november, 2014

      Marigold reaches 2nd place on iTunes

      ”Allt kommer bli bra” reaches 2nd place on the iTunes ”Top Songs” chart in Sweden. Whoa, thank you!

      5 november, 2014

      Marigold releases ”Allt kommer bli bra” with Telegram

      Hey, it´s here. In a collaboration with ”Telegram Studios” we give you ”Allt kommer bli bra”. Spotify>> Itunes>> Wimp>> Soundcloud>>

      4 november, 2014

      Marigold joins the ”Bra Vibb – Bokning & Produktion” family

      Marigold signs with the Swedish booking/production company ”Bra Vibb”. Which means that Marigold from now on is being booked through Martin at ”Bra Vibb”.

      3 november, 2014

      Marigold signs with Telegram Singles

      Just as the title reveals – Marigold signs with the Swedish record label ”Telegram Singles” and together release the single ”Allt kommer bli bra” the 5th of november.

      1 november, 2014

      Welcome to the new newsfeed

      This is the place where you will get the latest news. Mostly about Marigold though.


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